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Moe Gill was born in Punjab, India, arrived in Canada in 1955, and moved to Abbotsford in 1975. Moe has served on Abbotsford Council since 1996 and is an experienced and thoughtful Councillor. He wants to bring that experience to the Mayor’s Office!


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I've watched Abbotsford go through a lot of changes since I first came to this community more than 40 years ago. I believe that the strength of our community lies in the foundation we have built on agriculture and the diversity of cultures, all working together. However, I also believe Abbotsford needs to move much faster if we truly want to become the city we plan for. Communities around us are achieving the vibrant development and economic activity that we claim to champion, but we do not yet practice. I have the experience of knowing how government works and the motivation to take Abbotsford to the next level in our city's growth.